Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sugar Show Part II and a perfect Debut for LSD Fashion LAB

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Check out the latest photos from the Sugar Art and Fashion show part Deuce! Timmery Turner has created an annual show featuring several designers which attracted more than 300 guests. The night was filled with emerging local designers who was not afraid to follow their dreams and take risks.
I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to debut my latest designs from the new and reinvented LSD Fashion LAB collection than to have it make history at the 2nd Sugar Art and Fashion show.
Model Misty Rose showing off her "Hand Glove", Body armor w/ the Chain sunglasses before the big show
Model/Hairstylist: So far, she is the face and hair of LSD Fashion LAB, Ann-Marie Hoang and my main hairstylist for the models that night. You all may know her by her signature "Afro Queen Asian fusion"  hair and her edgy "Audrey Hepburn" LA style. Be sure to check out her new blog for those who want to be apart of this FRO.non.me.NON and get the latest hairstyle trend updates here at ChainsNchocolates. Last but not least, you can find Ann-Marie, the Mad Color chemist, hustlinn at Louis Lacari .

MUA: The amazing Amanda Mendoza came to the rescue, I showed up to the show a tad late and realized that half of my models weren't fully covered in makeup!  2 of the MUA's backed out last minute and everyone was already busy working on other models.  It was like an episode of a MUA 911 (if there were to be one), I was sweating balls and thought my models were going to be walking down that runway w/o anything done to their face (SRSLY right?!?!). That's when Amanda came running through the door (rambo style) with her gigantic makeup duffle bag struggling to get her directors makeup chair through the doorway (or whatever it's called) and LITERALLY SAVED THE DAY! Yes, there was definitely a moment of silence. Thanks again Amanda! If you ever need a MUA who is not afraid to go creative on her skills, you can email her at artistry.makeup247@gmail.com 

The models who literally KILLED the runway rockin my latest accessories from LSD Fashion LAB at the second annual Sugar Art and Fashion show!! . Thanks ladies!
The Models and what they were wearing:
Model Silver wearing LSD's orginal Spiked shoulder pads with silver eyeglass holder chains and Shades
Model Misty Rose wearing LSD's body armor, Flat Chain sunglasses paired with the "Single Hand Glove".
Model Ann-Marie wearing the Chained and Wired up Eye patch paired with the Chained and Studded biker girl glove.
Model Krystle wearing the ALL Over Gold Shades with the "Single Hand Glove".
Model Mai Vo wearing the 1/2 plastic frame clear lens with the granny Curtain side chain eye glass holders handmade. All of these were handmade and designed by P-tran LSD fashion LAB


Here's to the kids-Written by someone that was inspired

Here's to the kids.

Here's to the kids who love more than they fight but they're too afraid to show it. The ones that replay every conversation they have to analyze how dumb they sounded.

Here's to the kids who live their lives through song lyrics because it's the first time they've ever felt like they're not alone. The kids who drown themselves in pages and pages of fictional characters in novels they wish they could live in; who dream of being someone else, somewhere else, sometime else.

Here's to the kids who fall short no matter how hard they try. To whoever has been misunderstood. To whoever has been talked about like they weren't there.

Here's to the kids.

Here's to the kids who dream with saline raindrops on their cheeks and proverbial (or not so proverbial) cuts on their wrists. The kids who dream of being something amazing but don't think they can be.

Here's to the kids who are constantly told by magazines that they're not beautiful. To the ones who think they're never going to ever really find someone; who think that sometimes maybe it's just not worth it.

Here's to the kids who live for movies because for that two hour lapse of time, they can believe in true love and soul mates and happy endings. The kids who close their eyes and try to just forget.

Here's to the kids who have fallen into a scene, not because it's cool or different, but because it has things and people they truly love. The ones who want to be noticed but at the same time are afraid of the recognition.

Here's to the kids.

Here's to the kids who want to go so far but they feel so stuck. The ones who never want to end up in an office job. The ones who are afraid that's exactly where they'll be.

Here's to the kids who love the music more than the fashion, and the emotions more than the reactions. The kids who write their problems but don't show a soul.

Here's to the kids that don't know who they are, and were never told that's okay.

Here's to the kids who are afraid of best friends. The kids who are afraid of love. The kids who have had broken hearts more than they can count.

Here's to the kids.

Here's to the kids who can't let anything go because living in the past is easier than being terrified of the future. To whoever has lost someone they loved only to get them back, but feel as if they're not worth that person's time. To whoever has lost someone and realized it was because it was their fault. To whoever has lost someone for no reason.

Here's to the kids who have lost someone, period.

Here's to the kids who have never been in love.

Here's to the kids who have never been kissed with it meaning anything. The kids who have never held hands with someone who felt anything for them. The kids who break a little inside everyday.

Here's to the kids who work hard but everyday see at least one other person who is ten times better than them.

Here's to the kids whose daily lives are lies. Whose smiles hold back a sob. Whose sparkling eyes hold back tears. Whose laughter holds back an overflow of the need to escape.

Here's to the kids who are just like me.


Monday, February 8, 2010

VINTAGE Patent Croc Box Purse

This gorgeous Vintage Patent Croc Box Purse is a one of a kind item and definitely a conversation piece at any cocktail party. The measurements are 7 inches long x 4 inches high and the width is 4 inches with a detachable strap that is approx 48 inches long which opens up to a beautiful bright red inner lining. The features are gold tone with a strap that can worn over the shoulder or taken off. IN EXCELLENT CONDITION FOR ITS AGE, ALL this can be purchased at our store in our vintage section HERE for $39.99.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sugar Art and Fashion Show Part Duex !!

Remember Timmery, the founder of 1981 Collection?  Our Indie designer pick of the week?

She is having her second annual Sugar Art and Fashion show on 2/12 in Culver City and "It's Not Me" has been chosen to showcase our never been seen or touched accessories!! Come see our stuff on the runway or come to have some plain ol' fun!  Become a fan on our FaceBook Page HERE for more updates!

Pre-order your Sugar Art and Fashion Show Part Duex Ticket HERE

Picture Sugar is a night of art, music, photography, and fashion featuring local emerging and underground female artists and designers. We have a brand new line up for you this time. Come experience the art, the love, and the magic!

The night will begin at 8pm with an art and photography showcase, followed by a fashion show featuring 10 emerging fashion designers. The lovely ladies of CRAZEDOTCOM will be rockin the mic and the red carpet half way through the show, along with a special guest surprise performance, and DJ Tessa Young on the turntables.

There will also be 8 vendors there selling their art and goods throughout the evening. Perfect timing for a unique Valentine's gift for your babes, boys! ;)

Check out Sugar's Facebook event page HERE and start spreading the word!