Friday, January 29, 2010

The long awaited for LADY GAGA "JUST DANCE" SUNGLASSES is now available!

Vintage inspired sunglasses made famous by Lady Gaga in her video Just Dance. These much-anticipated sunglasses are finally here!   The original vintage $600+ Semi-rimless design and chrome bar across the top detail worn by The LADY are close to impossible to find so get the look for an incredible price here.

Deal of the day: Free Downy Wrinkle Release Mist!

Happy Friday! Today my post will be easy and simple as clicking here  for a super easy printable FREE COUPON good for any 30Z or 3.4oz travel size Downy Wrinkle Release mist! And get this, there is no coupon limit :) If you don't think you need it,  just take advantage and donate it to your church, neighbor, a friend or even you mom...I bet you she didn't know these things existed.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Eyemask from the Love Sex and Diamonds Collection captured all eyes from around the world!

Ok, I'm not sure how it works but I was pretty flattered and overly excited to find one of my featured items on Urban Outfitters BLOG!.....dude, it's Urban Outfitters!  Although they only had a few things to say about the Chained and Wired up Eye Mask, I really couldn't ask for more than some exposure, recognition and more traffic coming in and out of my store. After just one post from UO, many other bloggers hopped on the band wagon and fell in LOVE with our eyemask <3.

All the way from Poland comes a blog from Zeberka's blog, not sure what they had to say about it but there were sure a lot of comments.

Trend Hunter featured our Chained and Wired up Eye Mask on their page and nobody explained  it better than they did,  "These specs are for only the most eccentric of fashionistas and scream Lady Gaga to a tee. "

The Lipstick Diaries LOVES US! They know how it is when girls go to a club thinking they're the only one's with that dress on then come to realize that they are SO WRONG! After seeing our one of a kind uniquely hand made mask,  "
No one will definitely have these at a club with you".

Don't forget to become a fan on our FaceBook and visit our store for one of a kind goods

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Things to buy yourself on Valentines day

If you're like me and have friends who would rather buy you things they "think you need" than the list of things you gave them, here's your chance to go treat yourself on V-day and buy what you want.  WILDFOX COURTURE has endless tanks and tee's that will make you go GAaaa.  Check out the awesome Wildfox The Lady is a Vamp Cutoff Tank, who doesn't "need" this? :)

OMG and HOW COULD I FORGET ABOUT THE Rubber Duck boots??!?!! For the last XXXXX years, I've been so distracted by the well known UGG boots that I've forgotten all about these adorable Rubber Duckies! We all know that Ed Hardy won't stop their mass production anytime soon, the Crocs that still walk the streets although they were meant for wearing in your backyard and the UGG boots that keep coming back EVERY summer ("Commonly worn with 4 inch skirts by girls with close to zero self-esteem."), so this Valentines day, let's start cleaning up and move on with our lives.

80's Purple has a few selections for you to check out, it's the SnowJoggers we all love – with a twist. The furry insulation and the padded upper makes them both comfortable and warm and the new ‘Duck Tread’ outsole ensures an exceptional traction.

Valentines day gift cheat sheet pt. 1

On Valentines day, every girl dreads opening their gifts in front of their loved ones yet to find another box containing a heart shaped locket or pendant from one of those overplayed jewelry commercials.  So this year, instead of getting your boo what you think they want, why not try to 1up them and be a lil bit more creative and put a little twist on that traditional V-day gift. Here's my first list of fun lovable goodies:

SWEET NOTHINGS NECKLACE ($40) These cheeky and charming necklaces feature cute phrases that range from the sweet to the kooky! Hand engraved by cult-favorite Brooklyn boutique In God We Trust, the brass pendants are an exclusive creation. Choose from 9 different styles...and hey what gf/mother of your child wouldn't want a necklace that says Baby Mama? ;)

Unlock my heart pendant w/ key ($36) This retro classic heart necklace has a 14kt goldplated charm that is nearly 2” across and also comes with matching key at the clasp that you can remove & give to your fave guy. 20” brass chain.
Perhaps this is a gift you can give to your BFF. This cute handpainted wooden teapot is coupled with a clear ruby red heart charm and suspended on an 18" gold plated chain. When I get all steamed upHear me shout "Tip me over and pour me out!"

- Handmade jewellery by JBee! -
Image of I'm a little teapot short and stout
Stump Ring The Stump ring is available in solid oxidized sterling silver. The Valentines version is available with any two sets of initials engraved inside the heart (HOW EFFEN CUTE IS THAT???!!) $210 w/ initials and $170 w/o.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fashion Icon of the day: Jane Birkin and her hot pants

Jane Birkin lived a life that any fashionista would love & is so stylish that Hermes named a bag after her. Famed for her trademark accessory (yes, that wicker basket) and her <3 affair wFrench singer-songwriter, actor and director, Serge Gainsbourg; she is probably best-known for duetting on Gainsbourg’s ‘Je t’aime…moi non plus’. Let's take a look back at some of her most iconic moments after the jump:

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ombré de nails

After giving two shots at trying to get the ombré look on my head, I've decided to experiment the ombré look on my nails. Here's attempt #1 at my version of the OMBRE NAILS:   I first tipped it with the turquoise polish then a layer of the clear Essie Matte About You top Coat, another stroke of the turquoise and topped it off with the last layer of the matte clear coat to make the color get the idea ;P  I guess I could've done a better job by not getting the polish on the cuticles but I was just so excited to see the outcome!

More Ombre's to come ;)
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