Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Eyemask from the Love Sex and Diamonds Collection captured all eyes from around the world!

Ok, I'm not sure how it works but I was pretty flattered and overly excited to find one of my featured items on Urban Outfitters BLOG!.....dude, it's Urban Outfitters!  Although they only had a few things to say about the Chained and Wired up Eye Mask, I really couldn't ask for more than some exposure, recognition and more traffic coming in and out of my store. After just one post from UO, many other bloggers hopped on the band wagon and fell in LOVE with our eyemask <3.

All the way from Poland comes a blog from Zeberka's blog, not sure what they had to say about it but there were sure a lot of comments.

Trend Hunter featured our Chained and Wired up Eye Mask on their page and nobody explained  it better than they did,  "These specs are for only the most eccentric of fashionistas and scream Lady Gaga to a tee. "

The Lipstick Diaries LOVES US! They know how it is when girls go to a club thinking they're the only one's with that dress on then come to realize that they are SO WRONG! After seeing our one of a kind uniquely hand made mask,  "
No one will definitely have these at a club with you".

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