Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Things to buy yourself on Valentines day

If you're like me and have friends who would rather buy you things they "think you need" than the list of things you gave them, here's your chance to go treat yourself on V-day and buy what you want.  WILDFOX COURTURE has endless tanks and tee's that will make you go GAaaa.  Check out the awesome Wildfox The Lady is a Vamp Cutoff Tank, who doesn't "need" this? :)

OMG and HOW COULD I FORGET ABOUT THE Rubber Duck boots??!?!! For the last XXXXX years, I've been so distracted by the well known UGG boots that I've forgotten all about these adorable Rubber Duckies! We all know that Ed Hardy won't stop their mass production anytime soon, the Crocs that still walk the streets although they were meant for wearing in your backyard and the UGG boots that keep coming back EVERY summer ("Commonly worn with 4 inch skirts by girls with close to zero self-esteem."), so this Valentines day, let's start cleaning up and move on with our lives.

80's Purple has a few selections for you to check out, it's the SnowJoggers we all love – with a twist. The furry insulation and the padded upper makes them both comfortable and warm and the new ‘Duck Tread’ outsole ensures an exceptional traction.

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